The Commonside Trust has a Board of Directors made up of local people. They meet every six weeks to discuss strategy, review and approve policies and set priorities for the Trust. Financial and operational reports are presented to the Board at these meetings by the Treasurer, (executive) Director and Operations Manager. This provides an opportunity for Board members, who are also known as ‘the Trustees’, to ask the Director questions about programmes and activities and to voice concerns that they may have.

An AGM is held in the autumn every year and at this meeting, the annual accounts are presented by the Accountant and approved by the Directors. The AGM is open to all members of the Trust and is announced at least three weeks in advance. The Trust’s accounts are audited by an Accountant who is appointed annually by the Board.

Management Committee Members

  • Gerry Stanton
  • Agatha Akygyina
  • Aaliyah Bahksh
  • Avril Borg
  • Norah Grace Moore
  • Jean Wisbey
  • Maria Yiannakou
  • Doreen Guy

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