Food Cycle – We Need You

Food Cycle

Why do you need me?

We need people to help make FoodCycle Merton a success – this means enthusiasm, a love of food and a desire to help others and make friends in the process. We are asking for people to pledge to support the hub for six months.

Volunteers for other hubs say that FoodCycling has gained them skills, confidence and friends, and all for a little over 4 hours a week of their time.

We have spaces for volunteers and team leaders at all levels and will give you support and training to help you develop your confidence in the kitchen. Our lead volunteers also get a Food Safety qualification, valid for three years and recognised across the country!
Find out more here.

What if I can’t make Wednesday lunchtimes?

FoodCycle Merton will cook on a Wednesday lunchtime.
Do you work full time and this won’t work for you? Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways that you can support the hub as well as FoodCycle. Send this article to a friend to let them know about the meal, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you could even hand out some flyers for us in your local area. Get in touch here to let us know you’d like to help and we will find a way to make the most of your support!

Do you have childcare needs? We will be able to help you with this from September. Just get in touch to have a chat with us. We will also be offering a variety of shifts once we get going so that people can make the school run and still volunteer with us.

Food Cycle

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